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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Meet Brittney! (IG: @popupbarre) Owner + instructor of Fitness Express: fitness pop-ups all around Seattle, Wa!

What is your cultural upbringing and how does it shape the way you lead in fitness?

"I am mixed race (Black/White/Filipino). I grew up with a large family extended family and embraced all my cultures equally. It was special to have such a blended cultural experience. I was also taught to treat friends like family. This shaped me and how I lead fitness because of the welcoming environment I strive to create for my clients. Not only are all races and genders invited to join, but also all levels of experience. I’ve experienced intimidating and unauthentic fitness communities, and I don’t want my clients to ever feel anything but comfortable and confident in my classes. Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth class, I hope that you will laugh, feel challenged, and make at least one new friend."

What experiences; obstacles/trials has driven your journey to where it is today?

"My path to fitness wasn’t direct, I had a career in news radio for 10 years prior to fitness. I ended my broadcast career to be a stay home/ work from home mom. Group fitness saved me in the early years of motherhood. I became an instructor to be an encouraging, inspirational, and supportive leader for others on their fitness journey. Fast forward to January 2020, I launched Fitness Express: pop-up fitness classes. Little did I know that all my events I had booked, would have to be canceled just a couple months after launching, due to the pandemic. Much like the rest of the fitness community, I made the pivot to virtual classes. It took trial and error to get the online production set up just right, but I think that my broadcast/production background was helpful.

My events pop-up in traditional (gyms/studios) and nontraditional spaces (breweries/wineries/backyards). If I can help bring customers to another small business, and by their cross promotion, they can help bring potential clients to mine, it’s a win/win. Collaborating with other small businesses is the ultimate business helping business model.

I have stayed virtual and am happy to be back to hosting in person events as well. There’s nothing comparable to the in-person energy! It is an honor to be the person who pushes someone to their muscle shaking fatigue. I get to help people be their strongest self, I love my job."

How can we support you?

"Getting the word out about my business and encouraging others to check out my classes/events would be super supportive."

Workout schedule?

'I teach a variety of barre fusion classes during the week and host in person events on the weekends."


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