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Instructor Highlight: Yolanda Miller (Spokane, Washington)

Get to know this vivacious instructor from Spokane, Washington, Yolanda Miller! FPOCPNW aims to share stories of fitpros across the Pacific Northwest. Read Yolanda's passionate mission and cultural story, bringing to light her leadership in fitness, and how we as a community can support.

1. What is your cultural background; and how has it shaped the way you lead in the fitness industry?

I was born and raised in Taiwan, a country with access to opportunities to move outside from surfing in the ocean to dancing in the park, so I have always found joy in movement. Being an instructor in Spokane offered me the opportunity to bring diversity to a fitness community with very few people of color/immigrants. I am the only instructor whose first language is not English at my studio, so I developed the ability to be confident leading a class with my accent. I feel empowered every time I teach because I bring diversity to my community by representing my culture with pride. One of the main ways I share my culture through fitness is by celebrating Tawainise holidays such as Lunar New Year in my classes. It's been encouraging to see how athletes in my class embrace components of my culture and want to learn more.

2. What got you started into teaching?

I didn't consider being a fitness instructor until I took a spin class from a Filipina-American instructor. The fitness industry tends to be dominated by white instructors, so seeing a woman of color teaching made me feel like there was space for me and my experience as an Asian woman.

3. How can we help support you? your teaching schedule? any organizations to support?

Follow me on Instagram to see my fun classes and come take my TRX class at the Union Studios! You can see my class schedule on Mindbody. I'm also an advocate for environmental justice, and I volunteer with 350 Spokane. I encourage you to follow them on social media and join our movement for effective climate action.

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